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Put your future in your own hands with a certificate in massage therapy.

The Benefits of Massage Certification

For practitioners, NCBTMB certification is much more than a credential. It’s the cornerstone of a successful career. Because even if you work in a state that does not require massage certification, the NCBTMB credential establishes you as a dedicated professional with the knowledge and skills to uphold high standards of excellence. Massage Certification

To become a certified massage therapist or bodyworker you must:

  • Complete a minimum of 500 hours of instruction
  • Demonstrate mastery of core skills, abilities and knowledge
  • Pass a standardized NCBTMB exam     
  • Uphold NCBTMB’s Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics
  • Complete continuing education for recertification

The benefits of national massage certification are limitless: 

  • Represents the highest standard in the field
  • Communicates a commitment to safe, ethical practice
  • Provides a competitive edge
  • Gains visibility and credibility
  • Increases employment opportunities within/between states
  • Allows reimbursement by some insurance companies
  • Reassures clients and employers
  • Includes a listing in NCBTMB’s Find a Practitioner resource
  • Establishes practitioners as healthcare providers on par with other professionals requiring certification

The School of Massage Therapy has developed its massage program to meet all of the above requirements for NCBTMB’s massage certification.  We can’t take the test for you, but we can certainly do all we can to ensure that you can stand on your own two feet and approach massage certification with confidence.