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Put your future in your own hands with a certificate in massage therapy.

The Importance of Hands-On Massage Therapy Trainingmassage therapy training session

There is little doubt that the internet’s inception and recent explosion of growth over the last 20 years has changed all of our lives. We can instantly communicate with family in Madrid or order groceries to be delivered to our door without ever picking up the phone. While these amenities are a daily convenience they can also be detrimental and not the best option for massage therapy training.

On-line education has blossomed for almost every career path. With the click of the mouse and a few strokes of the keyboard you can be whisked away to learn on-line trading, business management, marketing and even cooking. Unfortunately there are some professions where reading about or viewing will never substitute for hands-on training. Would you go to a hair stylist who never picked up a pair scissors or a carpenter who learned how to build a staircase by reading a magazine? Then you probably wouldn’t get a massage from a therapist who received their massage therapy training solely by watching an instructional DVD.

Massage therapy training has been implemented in person, hands-on, for literally thousands of years. Because of television and the internet, so much of our sensory focus is locked into sight and sound that we often forget the sense that is absolutely vital to life itself: Touch. Not only do a therapist’s hands, fingers and thumbs work in unison to deliver therapeutic benefit to the client, but those same tools are constantly taking in information and transmitting it to the therapist… information that can be vitally important to the health and well being of the client. That is something you can not replicate through distance learning. 

The support and guidance of an esteemed faculty with decades of experience is how massage therapy training is performed at SOLEX Medical Academy’s School of Massage. We focus our curriculum on the cultivation of therapeutic skills to anyone willing to learn them. Every minute of your massage education is tailored to develop both your hands-on and analytical skills for a prosperous future in the field of massage therapy.